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About the exhibition this year:

16 tattoos behind 16 women's stories

We want a woman who needs support to be VISIBLE. 

A tattoo sticker is like a symbol or design that is applied to the skin to attract attention or mark important moments for yourself. Our tattoos are temporary images that can be erased easily. However, the meanings they carry, as well as women's destinies, remain under the skin for life. We want to experience these feelings together with you and show how pain and the desire to tell the world go together. Every photo, and every tattoo is about the 1,000th and one story of a woman. Each of them, at the same time unique and worthy, was NOTICEABLE!

Dear Friend, remember, you are not alone, you are visible. Project Kesher wants to support you. You can always write to us about how you need our support.

We are ready to be there every day, but the International Campaign of 16 Days Against Violence is a special time. Every year from November 25, the International Day for Combating Violence against Women, to December 10, International Human Rights Day, Project Kesher holds events in various cities of Ukraine to help women.

This year's international theme is femicide. The concept of "femicide" is quite new even for the international community. It was defined for the first time in 2009. To date, there is no single clear concept. We offer you one of the options. Femicide is the intentional killing, including the death of women because they are women, but can be defined more broadly to include any systematic and sustained violence against women that results in the killing or death of women.

We strive for a society free from violence.

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