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The history of the initiatives of the Kesher Project in Ukraine to 16 days of combating violence

"16 DAYS AGAINST VIOLENCE" is an important element of the activities of the Kesher Project in Ukraine to promote gender equality. 
Every year, the international organization Center for Women's Global Leadership unites more than 6,000 organizations and 300,000,000 activists to draw attention to the problem of violence against girls and women around the world. The international campaign lasts 16 days (from November 25 - the International Day for Combating Violence Against Women to December 10 - International Human Rights Day). The Kesher project in Ukraine also joins this initiative every year and holds events in various cities of Ukraine (meetings, flash mobs, lectures, seminars, trainings, round tables, etc.). Also within the framework of the project, we conduct information and educational campaigns in social networks to combat violence against women, talk about women's rights and various opportunities, unite women's initiatives.

In 2020, we supported an important initiative of the international organization Every Woman Treaty - a virtual march and photo #RedShoes, as a result of which more than 600 girls and women joined us on social networks.

In 2021 For the first time in Ukraine, Project Kesher launched the campaign "Red Sand" #RedSandProject #ЧервонийПисок. The "Red Sand" project was created by the American artist Molly Gochman. This is an art intervention, a project that calls attention to all those who are excluded in our society as if dissolving in metaphorical cracks. In five cities of Ukraine, we offered to fill cracks in the pavement with red sand. During the actions, we received many questions from children and their parents, from grandparents, from young and older women. Awareness starts with questions! And we are ready to answer them. 

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