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Svitlana Simachova, anti-violence trainer of NGO "La Strada - Ukraine", a participant of leadership training project in 2020

The 16 Days Against Violence campaign is annually conducted in our school. The main goal is to make the participants understand that there are other forms of violence besides physical abuse.


We conduct trainings in schools that help young ladies recognize manipulative behavior of their partners at an early stage. We also give detailed information about ways of constructive conflict resolution. Last year, the Red Sand campaign got a tremendous response.


That particular campaign was instrumental in attracting people's attention to what is happening around them, to their neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances, whose problems we often ignore. In the context of the campaign we collaborate with psychologists who work with women victims of violence. Psychologists help them make a decision and find ways to avoid the abuser.


Children and their parents are eager to participate in the campaign. That became especially true during the pandemic, when the world was busy fighting the disease, and families began to spend more time together.

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